vendredi 15 avril 2016

Hugo's weekend

This weekend I was to Kansas City with my host Haley, for Volleyball tournament. 
Friday morning I saw Volleyball and I have visited " The college basketball experience ", an amusement park with Basketball games, with Haley's brother. We also have walked in the city and found a plate on Kansas City's history write in english and in french because Kansas City was founded by french people. 
Friday afternoon we just went shopping in the city, ate in a BBQ restaurant and swam in the pool of the hotel.
On Saturday I saw Volleyball on the morning and on the afternoon we have visited an aquarium with Haley's Volleyball team and we have gone to a restaurant with them.
On Sunday when we came back to Saint Louis, we have stopped in their second home to Innsbrook, a small town in a forest with a lot of lakes, at one hour of Saint Louis. 

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