jeudi 7 avril 2016

Chantal's weekend

On Saturday morning my host family and I, decided to go to a park nearby where we saw two big open cages. One of them was for small dogs and the other for big dogs. These cages were made so that dogs can roam around without a leash, since they are not allowed to otherwise. Next to these cages there was a fast food dog truck, which i thought was hilarious, indeed, very American! In the afternoon, we went to a much bigger park (which was enclosed) where we saw Bisons. The Bisons were big, they had big and furry heads, their bodies were big too but smoother. The bisons even had shelter to cover them, incase of heavy showers or heavy storm, possibly even to nap or sleep in. This was all very exciting for me since I don't really remember the last time I even saw a bison! 
It was a lovely weekend!

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