mercredi 6 avril 2016

Agathe's weekend

Let's go to ...

Saturday morning I took the car with Haley and her grandparents at nearly 8 am.  We drove for 4 hours and I slept during all the ride. We arrived in a big hotel and let our bags and the car. Then we ate in an Italian restaurant and I took a Panini. It was great !  After eating we went in a big street where we shopped. We have also visited the Millennium Park to see the Bin. It's a big sculpture and it's like a mirror with an optical illusion if you go below. I really enjoyed it ! 

And then we came back at the hotel to found a good restaurant for dinner and to get ready for that. We found a really known hard rock burger restaurant and the food is really good but the negative point is that it's very loud. Then we went at the hotel and slept a lot.  

Sunday morning we woke up at 9 am and we took a breakfast in the hotel. Then we gave our bags to an employee and shopped a last time. But before that we have visited the Skydeck. It's a very high building from where we can see all the city of Chicago. After we took for a taxi to go outside from the downtown. We've seen the beautiful lake Michigan and some shops. For the end of the weekend we took the car and go out to a beautiful restaurant called "sugar " with lots of candies drinks (I had never seen that before). Then we returned in the car and arrived at home at nearly 9 pm.

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