dimanche 10 avril 2016

Aymeric's Friday

Friday. We went to Ursuline Academy at 7:30 am, ate breakfast, and then we went to the Arch in the car. The car was mixed with both Ursuline and French students so that we could all talk together. To get up to the top of the Arch, we took an elevator that looked like a little egg for four minutes. It was a beautiful view at the top of the Arch. We took a lot of pictures. It was very impressive. After we got back to the bottom of the arch, we went to the store at the Arch. Then, we got back in the car and went to the museum at the Old Courthouse. There was two parts to the museum; one was the start of St. Louis, and the other was the conquest to the west. After we got in the car and went to the City Museum. We ate lunch at the City Museum. The City Museum is like a big attraction with slides inside and outside. It is beautiful, the attractions are made out of metal like art. It was very funny. The slides were my favorite part of the City Museum. After, we ate ice cream at the famous Ted Drewes. I got vanilla and caramel. Then we went back to Ursuline Academy and all of the French students went home with their correspondents. I went to a lacrosse game. After the game, my correspondent threw me a surprise party for my birthday. All of the French students and their correspondents were there. When I walked downstairs, everyone yelled "surprise"! There was a cake with candles and everyone sang happy birthday. My correspondent's family got my a present and a card. We danced, and everyone was dressed great. I was happy and loved my party! 

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